A Tribute to the Tributes – ‘The Hunger Games’ Workouts

Oh my goodness, the day is finally upon us. Yes, the day The Hunger Games comes out in theaters. The day where we get to watch Katniss and Peeta jump from page to screen as they storm the arena and fight for survival. So what better way to prepare for our very own trip into the arena- er, movie theater- than to sweat our butts off doing a Hunger Games inspired workout?

There are a whole bunch of these HG inspired workouts floating around on the web and in the news. The LA Times even wrote a post about how more people than ever are trying archery because of the trilogy. While we haven’t picked up a bow or tried any of these workouts, we’re going to keep them on file in case our names get picked next year.

This video from MTV shows a Hunger Games class at New York Sports Clubs in New York and it looks awesome! I love how they actually have a “Cornucopia” and bows for some resistance training.

Shape Magazine posted a Hunger Games Inspired Workout workout few days ago. There is no video, but just reading the descriptions of the circuits is enough to make me fatigued.

But what to listen to? Oh, how about this playlist put together by Fitness Magazine? Definitely Katniss approved.

And when you’re completely wiped out, why don’t you reward yourself for your hard work by making some of these HG inspired recipes from Diets In Review. I’m dying to try the Girl on Fire Spicy Pad Thai. That sounds like it could almost be a Lisbeth Salander recipe, no? Now that’s for another post…

Anyway, have a great weekend and enjoy The Hunger Games. Let the odds be ever in your favor!

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